Prof. Dr.Kuntaman, dr, MS, SpMK(K)



N a m a                              : Prof. Dr.Kuntaman, dr, MS, SpMK(K)

N I P                                 :

Tempat / tanggal lahir       :

Agama                               : Islam

Alamat                              :

Kantor                               : Departemen Mikrobiologi Kedokteran

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Airlangga

Alamat kantor                   : Jl Mayjen Prof Dr Moestopo 47 Surabaya

Sertifikat Dosen               : 25 Nopember 2008



No Jenjang pendidikan
1 Dokter, lulus tahun 1978
2 Magister, lulus tahun 1987
3 Doktor, lulus tahun 1999
4 Post-Doc: Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, lulus tahun 2003
5 Spesialis Mikrobiologi Klinik,
6 Spesialis Mikrobiologi Klinik konsultan,



No Penerjemah, kontributor, dan Editor buku Ajar
1 Penyakt Infeksi di Indonesia, Solusi Kini dan Mendatang Page 493 Airlangga University Press; ISBN: 978-979-1330-06-0, 2007
2 Buku Ajar S1: Bakteriologi Kedokteran Page 204 Airlangga University press, ISBN:378-602-7924-12-3, 2013
3 Antibiotika dan Resistensinya Page 78 Airlangga University Press, ISBN:978-602-97113-8-7, 2013



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No Jenis Penelitian
1 2001 AMRIN Study (Antimicrobial Resistance in Indonesia: Prevalence and Prevention) (PhD Research in scheme of SPIN = Scientific Programme Indonesia – The Netherlands) as Co-promotor   KNAW Netherlands 4,000.00 (Million Rupiah)
2 2003 – 2005 Genetic analysis of multiresistant bacteria from Indonesia (Integration to the Programme of: Mobility Post-Doctoral Programme)        Ministry of Research and Technology, R.I. 900,00 (Million Rupiah) Funding award from European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) ESCMID 550.00 (Million Rupiah)
3 2009 The study of ESBL Producing bacteria in Indonesia: Surabaya, Malang, Semarang Meiji Indonesia 28.5,00 (Million Rupiah)
4 2014 – 2016 Preventing Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) acquisition and infection in Surgical Wards and Medical Wards, in Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education 547.5,00 (Million Rupiah) (Lab work in Netherlands: about  00 (Million Rupiah))
5 2015 The Epidemiology of CRE (Carbapenem Resistance Enterobacteriaceae) in Indonesia Kobe University Medical Center, Japan 400,00 (Million Rupiah) (Lab-work in Japan is predicted: about 2,000.00 (Million Rupiah))
6 2016-2018 Characterization of multidrug resistance Gram-negative bacteria carrying antibiotics-resistance gene which have been inserted to chromosome Funding: e-ASIA Joint Research Program (e-ASIA JRP) Faculty of Medicine, University of Ryukyus; Kobe University Medical Center, Japan – 24 Mill YEN – 506 Mill VND – 680 Mill IDR
7 2005 – 2014 Enlightenment on Prevention and Control of Antimicrobial Resistance in Indonesia                Ministry of Health R.I.
8 2005 – 2014 Enlightenment on Prevention and Control of Antimicrobial Resistance in Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya            Soetomo Hospital Surabaya
9 2005, 2006 Enlightenment on sampling management in Microbiology, in Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya
10 2007 Identification of Cholera outbreak in Pasuruan East Java                Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga
11 2005-now Services in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya & Airlangga University Medical Center-Surabaya Dr. Soetomo Hosp-SBY; Airlangga MC
12 2015-Now National Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance Control and Prevention, Ministry of Health, Rep of Indonesia; As a National Committee (Team) MoH-RI
13 Research consultant on detection of Extended Spectrum beta Lactamase
14 Research Consultant on Identification of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
15 Research consultant of Infection control and prevention
16 Research consultant of antibiotic use



1 Third best Scientific paper publication as author (Published in: Medika, No.6, Tahun 9, 30 Juni 1983 ) Title: The Impact of the time on urine sample storage on quantitative microbiological diagnosis (Pengaruh Waktu Penyimpanan Bahan Pemeriksaan Air Kemih pada Pemeriksaan Bakteriologi Secara Kuantitatip) The Medical Journal: MEDIKA, 1983
2 Awarded scientific publication as author (Published in: Medika, No. 7, Th. 10, Juli 1984) (Mendapat Penghargaan Medika/Medica Awards: Tahun 1984) Title: The DNAse Medium for identification of Staphylococcus aureus (Media DNAse Untuk Identifikasi Staphylococcus aureus). The Medical Journal MEDIKA, 1984
3 Awards of Sudjono Djuned Pusponegoro, as a best scientific paper published in the Journal of Indonesian Medical Association (Majalah Kedokteran Indonesia), Oktober 2001; Vol 51, No. 10: pp.364-371 (SK PB IDI No. 268/PB/A4/09/2002) Title: The role of rpoB detection in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from tuberculosis patient on diagnosis of rifampicin resistance (Peranan Deteksi Mutasi regio gen rpoB Strain Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolat Penderita Tuberkulosis Paru pada Diagnosis Resistensi Rifampisin) The Indonesian Medical Association (Ikatan Dokter Indonesia), 2001
4 Award: Astra Zeneca ESCMID Turning the Tide of Resistance, Grant 2003, proposed via Dutch counterpart Alex van Belkum. Title of the research: Genetic analysis of multiresistant bacteria from Indonesia Funded: 50,000,00 Euro European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), 2003
5 Awards as a team of medical services in separation of TWIN BABY in Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya (Sebagai TIM Pelayanan Medik pada penanganan pemisahan kasus kembar siam Dwipayani-Dwipayanti yang dilaksanakan di RSU Dr. Soetomo Surabaya pada tanggal 29 Januari 2005) East Java Governor, 2005
6 Awards for the dedication and commitment in the programme of the containment of antimicrobial resistance in Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya Director of Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya, 2014
7 Travel Grant for ECCMID (European Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease), 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands oleh ESCMID (European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases), 2016